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When working with Up2Code, you will have the opportunity to be enrolled in our jumpstart program. We will always be with you more than just to develop the product. Our entire team will be available to assist you in those tough early stages of pushing a product to market. Whether its driving sales, developing a marketing strategy, or deciding where to initially launch, we can help you with it all.

research & development

To begin the process of bringing your idea to life, we first undergo extensive market research to ensure your business will be as successful as possible. This includes competitive analysis, customer profiling, monetization strategy, and best industry practices.

duration: 2 weeks


Here at Up2Code we understand the growing importance of a beautifully designed product. Having an eye-catching UI and seamless UX is of the utmost importance, that’s why we will work with you until your app or mobile site is looking exactly how you want, down to the last pixel.

duration: 3-4 weeks


As we move onto development, our superstar front and back-end developers from the top universities in the nation collaborate using the agile approach to begin bringing those designs to life. Clean and efficient code, combined with superb communication makes development as smooth as possible.

duration: 2-4 months


The day has finally come. We will review the product with the client to ensure for superior quality, efficiency, and beauty. Your product is now ready to take the plunge into the real world!

duration: 1 week

measure & update

Now that the product has launched it’s time to learn and iterate. By tracking who and how the users interact with your app or website, we can make adjustments to make sure that your app is optimizing its purpose and your users are completely satisfied. We decide on the most relevant actionable metrics to track and work toward consistent growth goals.

duration: variable

Prefer to contact us yourself?

If you wish to contact us directly, you may do so at hello@up2code-nyc.com. We pride ourselves on our communcation and customer service and will get back to you as soon as possible.