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mobile app autobeats


AutoBeats is a music player for your android device that allows you to listen to music without even touching your phone. All you have to do is simply plug in your headphones, and the beats will automatically kick in! Now available on Google Play.

Google Play

website Bask Energy

Bask Energy

Bask Energy is an ambitious startup which is seeking to revolutionize the way we charge our devices. Bask's primary goal is to connect those in developing areas with a reliable power source through their concept of a solar-powered charging case, but eventually seeks to expand into more established markets.

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mobile app Booklendr


Booklendr allows college students to trade textbooks between one another as a means to foster community and reduce costs of learning. Booklendr will be available for purchase in the app store June, 2017.

Coming June, 2017

website K.Collection


K. (pronounced K dot) is an ecommerce site run by two New York City entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the fashion industry with their designs. Kdot collection looks to inspire young artists and promote the idea that art is more than just a three lettered word or a picture on canvas. Browse the latest collection below

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mobile app Cannavictus


Cannavictus aims to deliver high quality recreational cannabis in weekly or monthly packages right to your doorstep with the touch of a button. It will launch in Colorado this spring and is determined to tap into the emerging legal cannabis market.

Coming Spring, 2017

website Neighborhood


The neighborhood allows subscribers to connect more with people and activities in their neighborhood. Each month subscribers are sent $200 worth of different complimentary vouchers that work toward local businesses in their area, all for only $20.

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